We complain that nothing ever changes in our country, yet we vote the same 2 political parties in every 4 years. We complain that gas is too high, yet most of us make no attempt to work from home. We complain that health insurance costs too much, yet the majority of us don’t take quality wellness supplements to prevent from getting sick. We complain about our jobs, yet we choose not to follow our passions. We complain about huge corporations, yet we give them our money. We complain about our partners, yet we chose them. We complain about many, many things in our lives yet the reality is this–everything in our lives, good or bad, is there as a direct result of the choices we have made.

So why is this so difficult for us to accept? The starting point for this acceptance requires that we admit to our faults. We must accept responsibility for our mistakes before we can go forward with this train of though. Many times ego can get in the way here. If the ego’s need for self-importance outweighs the desire for personal development and discovery, then Mr. Ego wins everytime (and we lose in the process). Equate it to Dr. Banner’s struggle with the Hulk (geeky obligatory comic book reference complete).

Don’t let that inner monster win. He doesn’t have your best interests in mind. The true reality, the one that we won’t likely hear from our friends and family and those close to us is this: Just like He-Man, we have all the power. We’ve had the power all along. We simply have to choose to use it.

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